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Seasonal Cocktails: The Perfect Time for a Change

he change of seasons usually ushers in new weather, new wardrobes and new attitudes, as people are naturally ready for the upcoming changes. Just like chefs who adapt their restaurant menus seasonally to take advantage of the freshest ingredient offerings, you too should consider introducing seasonal splendor into your cocktail mixing.

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  • View the total number of restaurants that serve salads, and the average calories in those salads, by expanding the Summary Data section on the bottom left of the results page.
  • Expand the Nutrients filter and move the dials on the calories scale to look at items within a specific range of calories.
  • Export each year of results separately to run your own analysis.
  • To compare across years, click on the name of a menu item in the table to see all available nutrition information across years or repeat the same steps above, but select another year under the Dates filter.
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Restaurant nutrition information is not standardized and may be presented inconsistently between and within restaurants. Items with missing nutrition may skew results.